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If you want to be successful in hiring you need three simple things

About hiring success and modern HR technology engineered in Cracow we speak with founder of legendary MrTed ATS and CEO&founder of SmartRecruiters, the complete talent acquisition suite. You founded MrTed 17 years ago… In terms of technology these are ages. What have changed at that time?

Jerome Ternynck: Yes it’s true, I’ve been in that market for a long time :) What has changed? The easiest answer is… everything. MrTed and other similar solutions are the 1st generation ATSes. That’s why our idea is to replace them, so I founded SmartRecruiters. What is SmartRecruiters?

JT: SmartRecruiters is more than just another ATS. It’s a complete talent acquisition suite. We started the company in 2010. Thanks to the money raised from Venture Capital we spent 4 years at research and development, pure R&D! Finally, we released our solution in the summer 2014. Since that time we’ve signed over 700 customers including large brands like Visa, Ubisoft, BlaBla Car. So, a lot of large and very large companies use SmartRecruiters to manage every single recruiting process. We know that Poland has played (and is still playing) an important role in the life of your company…

JT: Yes, it’s true. Actually, all of our engineering is in Cracow. We have more than 50 people working there. Together with other services we have almost 70 people in Cracow. So I go to Cracow all the time. Our solutions are designed in California but engineered in Poland. Short before HRTech Congress in Paris, SmartRecruiters announced field recruiting app. And it wasn’t designed in California…

JT: The history of our field recruiting app is actually quite amazing. We built our platform in a modern way with APIs that we expose. So with that APIs can build software on top of our platform. And one day in Cracow we organized a hackathon where we said to engineers – here is our API, build what you want. After four days one of our developers, an Android guy, came to me and showed me this app. He said – Jerome look, it’s very simple. Candidates can take picture of their resumes, scan it, OCR it. It’s sent to the system, then you as a recruiter can add your notes, and then when you come back from the university or any other place where you’re recruiting, everything is organized. Do you think our customers will like it?Yeah!!! – I replied. So, we invited him to San Francisco to our user conference, where he presented alfa or beta version. We started to test it with large companies, finally released it and announced it. You’ve been in the recruitment business for many years. In your opinion, what are the critical factors that decide whether companies succeed in hiring?

JT: I believe that if you want to be successful in hiring you need three simple things. First, you need good marketing and candidate experience. How you engage, how you find people – it really counts. It can be on the field, it can be LinkedIn, it can be through referrals, it can be on your website. There are many various places, but each of them is important. Finding and engaging good people with your candidate experience is one focus that we have. Second, once you have the candidate, how you manage the process of interview, assessment, evaluation with the hiring managers to make sure that you actually end up making the right hire. Today, in most systems the process is not organized well, and is all done via email because it’s easier for managers. We focus on it as a second factor. And third, is the thing for the recruiters. As you know you cannot do your job if you don’t have all your data, all your processes in one place. If some candidates are over here, if some candidates are over there, if you go recruiting in the field and you end up with stack of paper, will you enter them one after another to the system? No! It just does not work. This is our third element that we focus on – giving recruiters everything in one platform. Like an operating system for recruiting, we call it the RecruitingOS. And from my perspective, these three components – candidate experience, manager engagement and recruiter productivity are the three pillars of hiring success. Thanks for an interview and we keep our fingers crossed for your new apps, that we’ll be designed not only in California but also in Poland.

JT: Thank you.

Interview was conducted during HRTech Congress in Paris in October 2016. The next edition of HRTech Congress will take place in London on 21-22 of March 2017. Find out more:


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