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Dodano 5 lipca 2019 Do Aktualności, Wyróżnione

Employee Experience Forum: London

What if you made your employees feel like superheroes every day? We believe that everyone has superpowers, but in order for an employee to showcase their full potential they need to be empowered, supported, motivated and recognised in pursuing the things they excel at and a little help and guidance in finding work that provides them with a sense of purpose.

At the Employee Experience Forum, we are bringing people leaders from around the globe to empower them to build modern workplaces that are fit for the Age of the Employee, delivering a competitive advantage and attracting talent that will thrive in order to become the next generation of Human-First leaders. Join us this September as we host another 3 days of roundtables, workshops, networking and forums to allow you to flourish in your role as talent advocates.

Find out more here: https://www.cxnetwork.com/events-employeeexperience/findoutmore

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